Every movement starts with that first person who rallies others to a mission greater than any one individual. You can be the one who is responsible for changing the course of humankind and we would be proud to support your mission in solving some of the greatest challenges known.

It’s simple. It’s FREE to apply and, if accepted, we’ll give you a landing page so that you raise awareness and the funds necessary for us to deploy a full DominoOne instance for your mission and in your name. You will be DominoOne.

How It Works


It's fast, simple and FREE.


Where others can give you support towards a full DominoOne deployment.


Spread the word any way you can. We'll even show you how!


Have funds and a community? We'll help you deploy a full instance so you can change the world.

You inspire us and we would be proud to support your mission in creating solutions to some of our greatest challenges. Think about it. Your effort right here, right now can change the course of humankind.

Of course, to support a full instance with developers, community managers and more requires resources and so we need your help raising the funds necessary to deploy and support your movement. We’ll do this together.

So go ahead and apply. It’s fast, easy and FREE.

If accepted, one of our D1 business professionals will be in touch to explain the program and get you set up and on your way. So apply today!